Biopharmaceutical Enterprise Upgrades Web Presence for IPO

May 07, 2019 | Success Story

Biopharmaceutical Enterprise Upgrades Web Presence for IPO

The project team involved with Marinomed had a very clear vision of their new web presence, and wanted a new website in time for the company’s IPO. The website was intended to bring together both the Marinomed company and its two technology platforms, Marinosolv® and Carragelose®, under a common umbrella. All three brands were moved to a common CMS and can be accessed via their own domain as well as on the Marinomed website. Content can easily be adapted for all three websites using IXOCREATE’s intuitive dashboards. After a period of intensive and agile cooperation, the project went live in both German and English in time for the IPO.

Communicating Complex Topics in an Appealing Manner

Marinomed is an Austrian biopharmaceutical company offering innovative products in the fields of allergies, respiratory and eye conditions through patented technology platforms. Given that these are complex topics, it was important to ensure that the content was easy to understand, as a decision was made to limit the use of images. Information was prepared to be easily understood by all target groups (researchers, B2B customers, investors etc.). Part of the project involved unifying two of the technology platforms, Marinosolv® and Carragelose®, on a single website and for these pages to be accessible via their own domains. Much of the focus was on providing comprehensive news and download areas with up-to-date information on the company that also take into account legal obligations to restrict access. As a listed company, Marinomed is required to publicly announce stock market-relevant information in a timely manner. An OTS interface was integrated to handle the automatic publication of these types of announcements. Working together with our partners at crossconnect, a creative Viennese digital agency, we created a design according to the customer’s wishes. Stefan Kjaer, CCO at IXOLIT was pleased with this cooperation. “It quickly became apparent during the implementation phase that Marinomed was not ‘just’ a successful and respected biopharmaceutical enterprise, but also a partner whose entire corporate structure embodied the principles of professionality!”

During the redesign of our website, we were preparing intensively for our IPO. We quickly became impressed by the ability to make changes to the editorial content ourselves – texts, images, videos – as well as add new sub-pages independently without requiring any technical expertise. The backend is extremely user-friendly and versatile – whenever there was something unforeseen and more complex in our requirements, the IXOCREATE team were quick to implement possible solutions.
Elisabeth Schön, MSc
Business Development & Licensing Manager

One-stop Content Management for Three Domains

Flexibility was important to Marinomed throughout the course of the project. The Marinomed website was therefore structured to be easily extensible at any time with additional products and technologies, and in all required languages. This flexibility makes it quick and easy to expand into new markets. Although all three pages are accessible via different domains, they are all hosted by a single CMS. IXOCREATE offers an easy-to-use dashboard that makes it quick and easy for any employee to manage content in the system. Content can be edited in realtime– edit texts, crop and upload images and publish press releases without needing a technical background.


Marinomed Biotech AG is a biopharmaceutical company. It specializes in the development of innovative products based on patent protected technology platforms in the field of respiratory and ophthalmic diseases. Marinomed has received multiple prestigious research awards for its activities. Marinomed has developed two platforms to date: the Carragelose® platform and the Marinosolv® technology platform. The Carragelose® platform is already used in six different products to treat viral infections of the respiratory tract, which are sold globally via the company’s partners. The Marinosolv® technology platform enhances the efficacy of hardly soluble compounds. This innovative technology has the potential to sustainably change a number of therapies for allergies and auto-immune diseases. The flagship product Budesolv is currently being investigated in a pivotal Phase III approval study.

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