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IXOCREATE is IXOLIT Group’s content management framework, allowing you to publish content to any type of web application. Your apps remain quick and compact, you can update your websites from any device and without a technical background, and you can create complex web shops that integrate directly with IXOPAY and IXOPLAN out-of-the-box. As with all our solutions, IXOCREATE can be acquired as Software as a Service (SaaS) and customized to meet your needs. If you would prefer to handle development yourself, you can also deploy the open source (MIT license) on-premise version.

User-friendly for all types of creators

IXOCREATE is the ideal tool for web designers, developers and editors. It provides the technical foundations of your professional webshop, blog, app or website, and makes it easy to maintain and operate. The platform has been designed to be extremely developer-friendly and flexible, so that all of a web designer’s specifications and a customer’s wishes can quickly and easily be realized. IXOCREATE’s intuitive interface ensures that editors quickly find themselves at home in the system and can immediately begin editing the application’s content.

Highly Scalable

The IXOCREATE CMF allows you to deliver content from your back end and publish it to a range of channels – from public-facing websites to corporate intranet pages, from serving custom web applications to offering a centralized content management solution for mobile apps. IXOCREATE is just as suited to highly scalable projects with a large numbers of request as it is to serving smaller pages and applications.

Edit Content without Programming Experience

IXOCREATE’s easy-to-use platform makes it child’s play to edit and publish content, and users without a technical background will quickly feel at home with the intuitive user interface that provides an uncomplicated user experience. They can quickly assume their role as editors and update the content of your web applications in realtime. The interface makes it easy to complete tasks such as adding products to your webshop, applying styles to headings and quotes, upload images and other media with drag & drop, crop images, integrate animated gifs, add buttons and publish the latest press releases. This flexibility significantly reduces the time and costs required to maintain your site, as no third party experts are required to add content or make changes to the appearance of the site.

Security: Developed to meet the highest security standards and certified by independent security audit

Security & Permissions

In contrast to simpler content management systems, IXOCREATE meets the highest security standards and is regularly audited by independent security experts. The application also allows you to define which areas of the system employees can access to a highly granular level, providing an additional layer of protection.

200+ 3rd Party Integrations

IXOCREATE was developed based on PHP and, thanks to a wide range of integrations, offers efficient functions that go above and beyond the scope of a traditional Content Management System (CMS). In the past, we have integrated a large number of third party services, such as logistics providers (e.g. DHL), marketing tools (e.g. Mailchimp), Amazon and other sales tools (e.g. Hubspot), making it possible for you to incorporate third party service providers and business partners directly in your business processes.

Our independent IXOPAY payment platform is available to handle your entire payment process, connecting you to international and national payment methods. Reap the benefits of the ever growing number (200+) of third party tools that have already been integrated by the IXOLIT Group. If you cannot find your preferred system among the list of supported systems, we can integrate it with our platform in a short time. Please contact us for more information.

Multilingual Content

Multilingual features and support for localization have been built into IXOCREATE from the ground up, meaning you do not require any additional packages and extensions. No matter the number of languages you require, you can always extend your web presence to expand into new markets and reach out to new target groups.

Flexibility and Custom Features

The practical preview feature allows editors to review their changes before publishing them. IXOCREATE makes it easy to integrate features such as Google Maps, YouTube etc. and can be extended with any additional features you require. Thanks to the large number of projects we have implemented for customers from different industries, the feature set supported by our platform continues to grow with the requirements of our clients. IXOCREATE’s modular structure means that custom features can be added at any time without great effort and customized to meet your individual use case by means of content blocks.

IXOCREATE for Digital Agencies

Because IXOCREATE is open source software, it offers a great degree of independence, making it  the ideal solution for creative digital agencies offering clients comprehensive design and communication strategy consulting services. If you do not have the resources necessary to create user-friendly, SEO-optimized and responsive websites or apps, we would be more than happy to support you in implementing your project. We have worked closely with a large number of agencies over many years in a range of diverse projects - see our success stories for a small selection. Our strengths are our ability to quickly deliver innovating modern applications; combined with your creativity, we are an unbeatable team. In case your customers have any technical questions, we can of course offer professional consulting services provided directly by the IXOCREATE developers.

IXOCREATE Benefits at a Glance

Out-of-the-box content management : Multilingual CMF with easy-to-use dashboards & page structures exactly as you want them
Media management: Easily add and edit images and videos in your media library
Flexible access rights: Restrict access and retain control
Customize IXOCREATE: Custom modules (custom fields) and content blocks for your individual applications’ web presence
Highly scalable: Stable and fast delivery of content for applications of any size
Security: Developed to meet the highest security standards and verified by an external security audit

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